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Instructions for the use of spools at client premises

Spools Manipulation

Security advices

Handling risks:

Measures to be taken:

These instructions must be available at each area /place where the spools are handled.

Independently of the advices included in these instructions, local security rules will be applicable.

The manufacturer is not responsible for damages as consequence of an incorrect or unsuitable use of the delivered material.

Storage Recommendations

It is recommended to use the material not later than 6 months of its reception, as it might oxidize.

Keep the material in areas protected against the elements, maintaining the goods in its original packaging.

Avoid the wire contamination with foreign substances.

Recommendations of using

Letting go the wire (freely) in the feeding process of the machine could produce spring effect, and the spires could come out from their accommodate. We recommend to hold with the hands the superficial spires to avoid this effect before hooking the wire to the metallizing machine. 

Handling a coil roll

Avoid wire crosses in the feeding process of the machine because they will cause serious problems in the correct working.

Avoid the fall of spools in the process of handling them, because it will cause the breakage of the spools. Take special care with handling of the spools type IRU 320.


Well handled coil roll


Roll roll improperly handled

Environmental information

Plastic reels can be reused and recycled; packagings materials can be recycled.

The end user is responsible of managing the residues in a suitable way, according to the European Directive 94/62/CE or local rules.