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This website, like most Internet websites, uses cookies to improve and optimize the user´s experience. Below you will find detailed information on what “cookies” are, the types used on this website, and how to block the installation of cookies by third parties.

¿What are “cookies” and how does this website use them?

Cookies” are files that the website or application you are using installs on your net browser or your device (smartphone, tablet or smart TV) as you navigate pages or applications and store information about your visit.

Like most Internet websites, the MANFISA portal ( uses cookies to:

The use of cookies allows you to optimize your navigation, adapting the information and services offered to your interests to provide a better experience whenever you visit us.

MANFISA’s websites use cookies to function, adapt and facilitate the user´s navigation experience as much as possible.

The cookies are only associated with one anonymous user and his/her computer/device and do not provide any references that enable the disclosure of personal information. You may access your browser´s configuration to modify and/or block the installation of cookies at any time, without preventing access to the content. However, the quality of the performance of services may be affected.

Why are they important?

Which are the different types of cookies we use

Session Cookies expire when the User exits the website or closes the web browser, so they remain active for the duration of the visit to the website and are therefore deleted from our computer when the user leaves the website.

Permanent Cookies expire when their purpose has been fulfilled or when they are manually deleted, They have a deletion date and are usually used in the online shopping process, personalisation or in registration, so that users do not have to enter their password each time.

Besides, depending on the entity that manages the device or the domain that sends the cookies and processes the obtained data, we can distinguish between our own cookies or those of third parties.

Our own cookies are those that are sent to your computer and are solely managed by us for the better performance of the website. The information gathered is used to improve our service quality and your user experience.

If you interact with our website it is possible that third-party cookies (for example, when pressing social network tags or viewing videos that are hosted on another website) that are those established by a domain other than our website. We cannot access the data stored in cookies from other websites when you browse those websites.

Navigating this website means that the following types of cookies may be installed:

Cookie Domain Predetermined Duration Description
_icl_current_language owned. Identifies the user´s language. Identifies the user´s language
accept_cookie owned. One year from configuration or update. Acceptance of cookies.

How can I manage my cookies?

By navigating and remaining on our website you give consent to the use of cookies under the conditions contained in this Cookies Policy. MANFISA provides access to this policy at the moment when the User enters the website for the first time, so that the User may exercise the right to block, delete and reject the use of cookies at any time.

In any event, given that cookies are not necessary for using our website, you can block or disable them by activating your internet browser´s configuration to reject the nstallation of all cookies or some of them. Most internet browsers warn of the presence of cookies or reject them automatically. If they are rejected, the user can continue using our website, although some of the services might be limited and the website experience may be less satisfying.

Below we list the links to the main browsers and devices so you can access all the information and check how to manage cookies in your browser.

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Date of latest update: August 2018