Manufacturas Irular S.A. Manfisa was founded in 1973 and has carried out its activity in the sectors of aluminium wire drawing and aluminium casting.

Throughout these years Manfisa has worked to improve its processes, as a result high quality products have been achieved and optimal solutions. Always looking forward to satisfying our customers’ needs.


Wire Drawing

Our wire is suitable for mechanical and electrical applications such as fasteners, nails, rivets, screws, volts, nuts, aerials, clips, electrical fencing, fences, staples, detonators, among others.


Manfisa is specialised in the production of pure aluminium wire for metallised films in all diameters and purity grades as from 99, 50% up to 99, 99% suitable for all the application as flexible packaging, solar film, capacitors, labels, holograms and other special applications. Aluminium wire for metallising is wound layer by layer (high precision winding) to ensure a smooth deposition in the vacuum metallising process. Each spool is individually identified which guarantees the total traceability of the material.


Manfisa-Manufacturas Irular, with its extensive experience in the sector of aluminium as a deoxidizer for steel, is able to supply materials for this purpose in various formats and chemical compositions.

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